Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I am drinking on some Red Guitar wine (which is so YUMMY) and missing my Grams.
I have been rewriting this same blog so many times, I just don't like seeing my thoughts in front of me.  I'm not used to thinking about me, it's a big change, but since my Grandma passed I've realized I need to make me happy instead of always trying to make everyone else happy. So, here's what I'm thinking...I want to be a great person, I want to paint my emotions instead of show them to everyone, I want to travel, to read all my favorite books in places I never thought I would be, I want to meet amazing people that I probably don't have anything in common with, but will teach me so many new outlooks on life, I want to be the person my boyfriend has always dreamed of, and more than anything I want to be Happy, and content with myself and everyone around me.
So here are a few things that make me happy...

Books... they let me fall into other worlds that I know aren't real, but i want them to be so badly.

Anything artsy, I haven't been doing it at all lately, but I miss it with a passion. Just like books. I can get lost in the moment and lose track of time.

My 8 year old cousin, and my younger brothers who are all so funny they make me want to be a kid again. hehe I Love them :)
Beautiful places, magical places, new places, serene places, just all kinds of places...
Movies, they help me control my emotions better than I can do on my own,
Music, it makes my world go round, and Lazy Sundays with Jerry(My heart n soul),
and our babies (Ruby the Dog, and Sammie the cat).