Wednesday, July 28, 2010


What have I been doing lately?!?
Well I am still working at Starbucks Coffee Company.
I also started to sell jewelry with Silpada Designs,I fell in Love with the quality and knew that I had to have it. I had a party and made $600 in free jewelry and I was hooked. I love both of these companies and Im so lucky to work for them both.
If you would like to look at the collection her is my website:

I have been obsessed with Vampires lately.
TrueBlood is a favorite show of mine and Its filmed in Louisiana. YAY!
I am also reading Anne Rice's Interview with a Vampire. Its part of the Vampire Chronicles series and I can not wait to finish them all.
I love to read and would love to start a book club in the area but I need people that aren't flaky to actually show up or its pointless. We will see.

I have been trying new mediums of paint.
Today I tried watercolor and I am ready to explore it even more.
I also would like to find people to paint with me. Two different styles mixed together layer y layer to create something that neither one of ya'll could have done on thier own is very inspiring.

I like to be inspired.
I want to do something new everyday but its hard because I get so busy working that I sleep instead.
When the people around me are busy and doing great things I feel like I need to do the same.

I have been very excited for some of my friends.
Lena just had a new gorgeous little girl named Julie.
She is such an amazing person I could not be more excited for her to have lil Julie in her life now.
Kris is moving to Chicago to be with the love of her life,
they met 5yrs. ago over the internet and just recently fell very much in love.
Its all happening very quickly but I can wait to hear all about her new life.
And my friend Laura is moving with her boyfriend to Arkansas for a nursing job
She is so smart and so sweet I think her life is just going to keep blossoming from here on out. It will be 10 hours driving to visit but I'm sure I wont mind the drive.
Also my friend Gary has put together a band and they are soooo talented.
I haven't been to a show lately to hear all there new music but here is there site: them out, like them, and if you live in Louisiana get to a show.
They will blow your mind.

I started this blog because I wanted a way to talk without talking.
I forgot I started it and now I want to get back on track.
If I can write everything down them I will be less stressed all the time.
So I plan on writing on here more often.
Even if no one sees it.
Thats ok with me.